Nursing B 23 - Gabi Martin, RN, MSN, CCRN

January 7 2012

Welcome to Spring 2012! 

I hope you had a restful winter break. I will use this site to post the syllabus and clinical manual. I will have syllabus available for purchase at Kern Business Forms on 14th street starting next Tuesday. All additional paperwork I currently plan on posting on Inside BC.

All of you will start your clinical rotation with IV day on January 19. We will meet at 0700 in the Fireside room and later that day move to the skills lab.

Please remember to bring your 2nd semester skills tote that day - you will not be allowed to stay for IV day without these supplies. Also bring your portfolio that day - all the information will be reviewed.

On that day you will also need to pass a medication administration test with 100% accuracy. So please review the 6 patient rights of medication administration, basic calculations, grains, and syringes.

I look forward to meeting you on January 17th. Until then, enjoy the rest of your winter break.

Gabi Martin

December 21 2011

Welcome everyone,

and welcome to B 23. I look forward to meeting all of you on January 17th 2012 0800 in IT 201.

I will be posting the syllabus, clinical manual, and the first weeks ppts in pdf format on inside BC January  . I will at that time also let you know where you can go to have all the information copied should you choose to do that.

For those of you who need to know the book list ahead of time - the only book you will need in addition to your first semester books is:         Wilson, B.A. , Shannon, M. T. , & Shields, K. M. (2011). Pearson Intravenous Drug Guide 2011-2012. New York: Pearson. (ISBN: 9780135138977)

 I will phase out the use of this website and use 'Inside BC' as my main venue to communicate with you, but will also send the occasional e-mail. I  will check my e-mails regularly throughout the semester, I try my best to respond within 2 days. 

Just a quick reminder - please have your portfolio up-to-date. We will check this on January 19th - the first day of clinical. Also please review the math you learned last semester in your pharm class. There will be a test that includes: 6 patient rights, med calcs, grains, and syringes (insulin, 1 ml, and 3 ml). You will all also need your skills lab tote that very first day of clinical - no exceptions!!!!

Look forward to meeting you in a few weeks. Enjoy the rest of your winter break.

Gabi Martin :)

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